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Clare Pettitt

Clare Pettitt

Chiropractic Craniopath

Clare Pettitt is a Chiropractic Craniopath who has worked with SpectrumSmiles for a number of years.

It’s refreshing working with a dentist who’s willing to expand their knowledge and step outside their normal realms. I work on people’s skulls and the work I do has particular relevance to dentistry, especially jaw joint problems and their repercussions. As a Chiropractic Craniopath, I understand the whole function of the body through the skull.

Working together with Sharad, we can agree on the best form of treatment for the patient, sometimes it’s the case that a problem requires more dental work than Chiropractic Craniopathy work, sometimes it needs both of us to work together. A good example is that a lot of tension around the jaw can come from problems in the lower back. If Sharad believes that this may be the case with one of his clients, he will ask me to examine the problem and if I agree, then I will step in to help with treatment. Importantly, and what many people are surprised at, is that

Chiropractic Craniopathy is not confined to dealing with symptoms experienced in the head. It is effective for people with migraine problems and other head complaints but is also excellent at working against problems at the other end of the body such as foot or groin complaints, back problems and shoulder and arm symptoms, the list really is endless!

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