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Amazing Anti-Aging with PRGF - Endoret

Amazing Anti-Aging with PRGF - Endoret

Safe & effective skin rejuvenation using your own blood’s proteins with PRGF®-Endoret®

The ability of PRGF®-Endoret® to activate tissue regeneration can counteract degenerative changes in the skin from the third decade of life, improving the tone and skin elasticity.

Production of own Hyaluronic acid
It stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid by our cells themselves avoiding treatments with hyaluronic acid with bacterial or animal origin.

Increased consistency
The PRGF®-Endoret® promotes the increase secretion of collagen and elastin. This generates a greater consistency, firmness and reduced sagging in the skin of the patient.

PRGF®-Endoret® ensures a high level of skin hydration compared to levels obtained with other cosmetic treatments as it has been proven in clinical trials.

Wrinkle reduction
The filler effect got through the use of PRGF®- Endoret® technology attenuates the wrinkles in the infiltrated areas. The facial expression lines lose their depth similar to the way they do on the treatments with hyaluronic acid.

Skin luminosity
PRGF®-Endoret® makes skin recover the lost luminosity over the years. Patients that have gone through this innovative treatment achieve a higher luster of their skin.

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