Our Holistic Approach

Our Holistic Approach

means that we look at your whole face and body - SpectrumSmiles is a dental practice with a very different philosophy.

We believe that the best smiles come from an all-round approach to health and wellbeing that brings balance to both body and mind.

We have teamed up with some of the finest practitioners in their field to give you access to a range of treatments that will keep you both looking and feeling fantastic.

Our facial rejuvenation treatments are designed to last for months and years so you don’t have to worry about topping-up or the effects wearing off. We work with only extremely skilled, highly-trained specialists who adhere to the highest levels of medical excellence and safety. Whether you want to reduce your wrinkles or bring out the best in your skin, you can do so at Spectrum Smiles with minimum effort and maximum effect. Sometimes symptoms can be misleading. Problems experienced in the mouth can be caused by issues elsewhere in the body. Understanding that all parts of the body are linked is key to the way we operate at Spectrum Smiles. We work closely with Clare Pettitt, a chiropractic craniopath on health problems that go beyond the dental and have their root cause elsewhere in the body.

In balance with the natural you.

Health and wellbeing is about maintaining the perfect balance between mind and body. Our rejuvenating facial treatments are designed to keep you looking great, giving you the psychological foundations on which to build your confidence for a greater enjoyment of life.

How can you achieve this state of wellbeing?


Completing the circle!