Completing the circle

Completing the circle!

As a dental practice, people believe that we only care about teeth and gums. The truth is that we care about all of you and how you feel as a person. We understand that health and wellbeing are not separate things but are intrinsically linked.

To keep all of you feeling fantastic, we offer a range of holistic treatments that don’t just complement your smile but keep you feeling great all of the time. We can help you make the wrinkles disappear with Botox or dermal filler and enhance your definition with semi-permanent make-up. You can rejuvenate your skin with our range of peels, or rehydrate and replace lost nutrients with mesotherapy. Our safe and painless homeopathic approach to excessive fat and cellulite can roll back the years making you feel on top of the world.

Our approach to wellbeing is about the whole body. To feel great, you’ve got to look after the whole of you and our treatments are designed to help you complete that circle!


Specialist: Louise Walsh