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Skin Peels

Our peels revitalize and illuminate your skin, cleansing it of the impurities that prevent your true colour shining through.

Our peels revitalize and illuminate your skin, cleansing it of the impurities that prevent your true colour shining through. Our range offers light, superficial and medium peels that enrich skin damaged by the effects age.

You can enjoy a light, Vitamin C peel that illuminates as it cleans or a superficial Glycolic peel that exfoliates and smoothes. Working at a slightly deeper level, the superficial/medium Innovation Concept peel (ICP) is effective against acne and effectively depigments, giving you smoother tones and elevating younger skin.

Penetrating your skin more deeply than the rest,the TCA skin peel delivers remarkable anti-ageing effects in a course of four peels that encompass the full regenerative cycle.

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