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Dental Hygenist: Kate Motley

Dental Hygenist: Kate Motley

Many people come to SpectrumSmiles for regular whitening treatments, and that’s where I come in.

We’re all conscious about our appearance; we’d love to have teeth which are American white and celebrity perfect. That’s where I can help.

My role is all about preventing problems arising, giving advice and providing the right products to help people look after their teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene is critical, and I will devise a routine that is individually tailored depending on what treatment has already been received. At the most basic level I will give a good clean and polish to enable you to easily maintain a healthy mouth. The next step is stain removal and how to avoid further staining, and our most popular request is for teeth whitening.

Before whitening can take place I will undertake an individual assessment which takes into account sensitivity issues and any restorative work which has been done. The most effective and long lasting results are from our Advance Whitening system which combines in-surgery and at home whitening techniques.

People don’t realise how important their teeth and their smile is until something goes wrong. I try to ensure that doesn’t happen and that you have the knowledge to maintain a healthy mouth and radiant white smile.


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