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    What makes the Perfect Smile?

    Dr Sharad Patel creates beautiful smiles. Here, he explains the factors that make us find smiles attractive, and the methods he uses for creating them.

    Smile Design

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    How we make a great smile?

    Missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures can affect confidence and happiness, yet at SpectrumSmiles they can be fixed easily and effectively.

    Smile Creation

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    Holistic treatments & complete wellbeing

    We believe that the best smiles come from an all-round approach to health and wellbeing that brings balance to both body and mind.

    Facial Rejuvination

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    Maintaining health & wellbeing

    The treatment is over, but you’re only starting the journey with your new smile - to keep its shine we recommend a holistic approach to aftercare.


We think of you as our guest, rather than our patient, and we want to welcome you to SpectrumSmiles, where everything is exceptional. We are not an ordinary dentist, we care for your holistic wellbeing and know that the little things will make your experience more indulgent.

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A beautiful smile adds confidence.

The Team

The Team

I have a fantastic team, and we take great pride in managing every smallest detail in order to create a comfortable relaxed environment.

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Sharad's Blog: The Perfect Dental Check Up

It’s time, 6 months has flown by. So you rock up to the dentist…reluctantly for your checkup. Well already you are one of the elite as less than 50% of the great British public even go to the dentist!